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Don’t just take my word for it...!

Praise for Pilates...

I think that Pilates is helping with the shoulder impingement as I do think things are getting marginally better at night.  I believe this is due to the Pilates more so than physio as I am not very good at remembering to do those exercises at home. Better crack on as my physiotherapist might tell me off!  Anyhow I am enjoying your Pilates classes for many different reasons, not least my mental health - so thanks so much! (AB)

I haven't had any twinges in my hip for a couple of weeks now so thank you for the exercises you sent and all the leg work we've been doing in class the last few weeks, all brilliant! (JO)

You’ve done it again   Got up this morning with just the pain I’m used to, and can handle! Thanks again for your time and effort in getting me back on track. (KB)

Praise for Online Sessions During Lockdown

I have been taking classes with Anna through a variety of life events, including this most recent:  The Coronavirus Pandemic.  Whatever is asked of her, Anna always understands what’s needed and adapts accordingly.  Lockdown being no exception, she changed to Skype classes without even blinking.  We didn’t miss a week.  Anna’s style is perfect.  She models, she encourages, she gives options, she maintains a friendly patter.  Her knowledge of anatomy is awe-inspiring, and her ability to communicate the link between a movement and its purpose would be hard to beat.  She is a skilled and passionate teacher, who knows and responds to the needs of each of her clients.  I can’t recommend her highly enough - Alison (Pilates, HALO Pilates & Friday Flow)

I love Anna’s Skype classes, they are so varied, very well explained and demonstrated and pitched perfectly at different levels so you can choose whether to go onto more challenging exercises or stay at a lower level. It keeps me fit and it’s fun too! - Eileen (Pilates & Seated Pilates)

Anna is an excellent teacher and has easily adapted to the need for online teaching.  And I'm so pleased she has.  I've been able to continue Pilates on a regular basis and now enjoy Stretch sessions too.  Anna genuinely cares for her clients, meets all levels and wants everyone to get the best out of her sessions. Her patience in managing us and new technology is very much appreciated!  Thank you Anna! - Ali (Pilates & Stretch)

Thank you for all the Skype sessions during lockdown. Its been great to have something to look forward to, and not only to keep up with the Pilates, but also to catch up with you and the other ladies - Denise (Seated Pilates)

Anna’s online sessions are a life line to me during the pandemic. Her positivity and support encourage me to keep going and stay strong both physically and mentally - Tracey (1-1, HALO Pilates & Friday Flow)

The two on-line Covid-times chair Pilates sessions under Anna's expert guidance and obvious deep knowledge of the subject, are highlights of my week!  Apart from the clear physical benefits,  her optimistic outlook and cheerful disposition are a real tonic! Thank you Anna - Liz (Seated Pilates)

Anna’s Skype sessions have been an absolute lifesaver during the Pandemic; both physically and mentally. The sessions are friendly and varied, with levels for all abilities - you will never say you haven’t worked out afterwards! Everything is clearly explained, with tips for working key areas in between sessions to get the best from your body and build strength and flexibility. Highly recommend - Rae (Pilates & HALO Pilates) 

As a long time attender at live seated sessions, the online classes have been a lifesaver. As a vulnerable person who has difficulty walking, this is my main source of exercise. Sessions are varied and well planned. Anna's support and encouragement is priceless and I appreciate her sense of mischief - Jude (Seated Pilates)

Being able to continue Pilates classes through lockdown has not only kept us in touch with each other,  but also gave us a challenge and a laugh,  in such difficult times - Judy (HALO Pilates & Friday Flow)

Dear Anna, thanks again for continuing to encourage us all to make the most of our bodies and try to stay as fit as possible.  Especially appreciated in these restricted times. I always feel  better afterwards and enjoy feeling upbeat and ready to face the world. I love the in -person classes, but I have taken to these Skype  classes surprisingly well!  Thanks Anna - Anne (Seated Pilates)

Anna makes it easy to keep mobile and stretched at home with her easy-going, friendly delivery on Skype.  There's always some challenge if you want it (check out the Friday Flow) or you can choose your own level as you go; she always provides options.  What's not to like?! - The Clay Family (HALO Pilates & Friday Flow)

Anna - You've kept our spirits up when we've been down. Your classes on line are something to look forward to, especially on these bleak winter days. Cant wait to get back to real times - Hazel (Pilates)

Anna is great at what she does, she is not only a knowledgeable fitness trainer but makes exercise fun and varied. During these difficult times of restricted social contact Anna has provided us with Skype classes so we can continue to stay fit and in touch, thank you for keeping us all going and motivated. Can’t wait till we can be back to classes ‘in person’ but for now I can at least have some structured exercise and keep my cats entertained watching me!! Highly recommend Anna to keep you fit and entertained! - Clare (HALO Pilates & Friday Flow)

Anna, thank you for continuing to inspire and motivate me to continue to exercise through this very long period of lockdown. While I miss attending your face to face seated Pilates classes, I look forward to the twice a week Skype sessions. You are incredibly motivating and encouraging, your classes are very well planned and delivered in a friendly, non-pressurised way. At the end of each session I feel well worked but relaxed, over the past few months my range of movements has increased, especially my right leg which was very stiff and lacked mobility after my hip replacement. Thank you - Sue (Seated Pilates)

My wife and myself have been attending Anna’s classes for around 10 years. I don’t believe in the 10 years we have had the same complete lesson as Anna is always remixing the lessons  and introducing new and different movements. First her exercise helped save me from back surgery, she as also helped me recover from having both knee replaced. My wife has a problem hip which Pilates helps her cope with movement and pain. Any health issues Anna will have an exercise to help relieve pain or increase movement.  How we would have coped through lockdown with out her Skype classes I do not know - John & Susan (Pilates)

I am loving my chair Pilates. The sessions are always so well structured and with Anna's workouts  and  enthusiasm I really feel more supple. Brilliant sessions for those of us who find getting up and down from the floor a bit harder these days. Your classes have been an absolute lifeline for me, despite all my technical hitches.!!  Thank you for looking after us all - Carole (Seated Pilates)

My weekly Sitting Pilates class during lockdown has been excellent. Not only the exercise but it focused my mind on a routine for at least a morning once a week!! It also provided some socialising which we really need after all this time. Thank you Anna you have been great - Jenny (Seated Pilates)

Anna’s Skype sessions are an excellent way to enjoy Pilates and all its benefits in the current restrictions. She is a knowledgeable instructor who obviously plans the sessions with care. Her delivery is clear and easy to follow and her personality makes it fun - Dave (Pilates)

As I get older and stiffer, I am determined to keep the mobility I still have. Anna’s seated Pilates classes help me to do this in an enjoyable way - Heather (Seated Pilates)

Anna is always considerate to participants abilities and experience - Valerie (Seated Pilates)

I am really grateful for the online sessions; as someone with very limited mobility, I appreciate the fact that the sessions are based on sitting in a chair and if I find anything difficult to do, I can just give that one a miss or, guided by Anna, find an alternative way to do it.  And the 'apparatus' is always something from my cupboard, like two tins of beans! - Jean (Seated Pilates)

In Person 1-1 and Community Sessions


I’ve been attending Anna’s Pilates classes for over 8 years, and for the last 8 months I've also been doing her high intensity training class and a regular 121 training session. I would highly recommend her for all of the above - she is engaging, consistently positive, high energy, challenging and supportive. She’s also been creative in helping me find alternative ways to work out while recovering from injury, helping me build strength and stamina. Anna also keeps things fun - chatting away so the time seems to pass faster when it gets tough, and also changing things up so the classes/workouts always feel fresh. Highly recommended.

Jen (Pilates)

I came to Anna after my back operation; my muscles were week & I had to re build, I went to one of Anna's small group classes, she took all of my health issues on board and helped me slowly to re build my strength in my core with Pilates. I now look back three years on and my muscles are strong to protect my back issues. Anna has really helped me, I love her classes, and I come away from each session feeling I've done a really good work out. Thank you Anna.

Clare (Pilates)

I thoroughly enjoy your Pilates class, its hard work, as it should be, but you make it fun!  It never gets monotonous as you vary the exercises from week to week which also ensures all the muscle groups get a turn!  It is evident that you have immense knowledge of the human body and lots of experience in teaching Pilates to a wide range of ages and abilities.  You are able to tailor the exercises to suit those who may have particular physical injuries or issues to ensure their safety.  I would recommend your class to others.  Thank you!

John (Pilates)

Since starting Pilates classes with Anna following 3 years of back pain I can honesty say I have never felt better! Having being nervous about any physical activity that may affect my back these classes have changed my quality of life enormously! Anna’s classes are brilliantly structured so you can go at your own pace focusing on core strength through various exercises. Each class varies week to week and Anna always keeps an eye on your progress and advises you as an individual on stretches and exercises that may benefit you personally. I learn something new about my body each time. I really can’t imagine not going.  Thank you Anna you are fab!!!

Jackie (Pilates)

I really look forward to my Friday Pilates class, you never know what to expect, no two weeks are the same, the only thing you can be sure of is a fabulous workout for the whole body.

Hazel (Pilates)

No Class is ever the same, I go twice a week. Feel a lot healthier and have more energy. Sleep well on Monday and Thursday. Classes do not stop during School holidays (Bonus!)

Karen (Seated Pilates)


I know I always say ‘thank you’ after our Seated Pilates class but I want you to know that this is not just out of politeness!


After having numerous scans on my spine, the conclusion was that there is nothing medical that can help me.  To add to my problems I have had a full knee replacement and I , like so many others, have Osteo Arthritis in all of my joints. Add ‘old age’ and I have a good excuse for sitting and feeling sorry for myself. Luckily, I am not one of those people.


The only positive thing in my medical report was that I should try Pilates. Knowing I can’t get down on the floor I’d put this to the back of my mind. However, whilst at a physio session for pain in my replaced knee I saw your name on the notice board and the ‘magic’ words seated pilates!, something I’d never heard of.  Since  joining your class about six months ago I no longer walk with my stick, I have regained my balance and my general feeling of energy and well-being has improved. I should add that it didn’t take six months to get these results! A bonus is that, while I may not have lost weight, my ‘lumps and bumps’  have tightened up giving me a slimmer appearance...good stuff!


The class I attend is small and is fun, and to look up and see your smiling face is an inspiration.  I recommend your classes to everyone.


Anna, you are a shining star and I truly appreciate the effort and encouragement you put in to give people, like myself, a more positive outlook on their mobility. I’m afraid as long as you are giving classes you are stuck with me!

Jude (Seated Pilates)

I initially joined seated pilates when I developed arthritis in  my left leg and it really helped. Then in  2002 I was diagnosed with a neurological disease which meant I lost my sense of balance and  have lost fine motor skills in my hands. Anna was really supportive during a difficult period of adjustment and really helped me to live with the symptoms and keep my sense of worth. What's  more the class is great fun!


John and Susan (Pilates)

Over 10 years ago, I had a painful restriction in my calf and I was considering an op, but as a last resort I was advised to try Pilates, luckily I chose one of Anna's marvelous classes, and my wife Susan also joined. After 6 months I was pain free for the first time in many years. Anna has also helped me recover from 2 total knee replacements, gradually moving from seated classes back to mat, where I now feel fully recovered. Susan also has some health issues which have been helped by Anna’s classes. Each exercise progresses to challenge you if that’s what you want, but only if you feel able to. Each lesson is different, with new exercises most weeks and Anna continues to instruct throughout the lesson.

Tracey (HiiT)

Monday morning HiiT session is a fantastic way to start the week!  Anna runs great HiiT sessions with no two weeks the same which guarantees to make you work hard. I always leave class with a grin on my face and with a sense of achievement. 

Denise (Seated Pilates)

The classes are really friendly and fun.  There is no pressure to try to do more than you are able, so it doesn't matter if you are unfit or have other problems, the sessions are tailored to individuals, and everyone is welcome.   The classes were suggested to me by the Physio following a hip problem, they have really helped my hip, and also with my balance.

Chris (Pilates)

I have gone to several Pilates classes and Anna has been the best by far. You can tell she knows her stuff! Always aware of everyone’s ability and always encouraging in the friendly classes. Expect to come away stretched, invigorated and with a smile on your face.

Mindi (HiiT)

Anna's classes are always well planned out giving a full body workout. Each week is a bit unique so you don't plateau. She's pushes us hard but I always leave feeling better for it!

Barbara (Pilates)

I have found Anna’s classes particularly enjoyable and extremely beneficial. In the past I had broken my wrist and her classes have helped me strengthen the muscles and improve my flexibility considerably, not only in my wrist but the whole of my body. Anna gives individual attention and varies the exercises weekly to provide a balanced routine covering the whole body over a month. Her routine is adjusted to cater for the different levels of each individual. Anna is extremely positive which makes you feel good even before the session starts. I have gained in confidence, strength and flexibility since starting Anna’s classes. I would recommend these classes to anyone.

Julia (Pilates)

Love my 'me time' at Anna's Pilates classes. No mater what's going on in your life you come out feeling worked and relaxed ready for anything thank you Anna 😄

Angela (Pilates)

Anna’s classes stand head and shoulders above others; she always seems to know how to create just the right amount of challenge, fun, relaxation and energy for every group.  She also has the knack of connecting with individuals and creating a great atmosphere.  Her Pilates knowledge is excellent and I would recommend her classes to anybody wanting an instructor who really hits the spot – and core!

Dave (Pilates)
Anna's Pilates classes are relaxed, motivational and adapted to suit all. Her instructions are clear, informative and fun with demonstrations that are easy to follow. As I have some physical limitations, I particularly like the fact that Anna starts with the basic exercise and then offers several more difficult additions that can be included or not depending on your ability. I would recommend her classes to all ages and abilities.

Deborah (Personal Training)
Anna became my PT in July 2013. I wanted to increase my level of fitness, strengthen my core and lose weight. Each week Anna would put me through my paces with a well planned and thought out workout. Anna’s dedication and encouragement kept me going even when I wanted to give up, especially during a Tabatta (HIIT) session…!!! I lost a stone, ran 2 half marathons and cycled around Cuba. Anna not only whipped me into shape she is a true inspiration! Thank you.

Deborah (Pilates)

After  a really horrible year of pain, many hospital visits, and a MRI scan I was finally diagnosed with bulging vertebrae issues and arthritis (but that's an age thing I believe).  I've been incredibly active all my life, both with my work (Im a hairstylist, average day nine hours of standing) and with my outdoor pursuits (canoeing, climbing mountains and extreme fitness classes) so, not being able to do any exercise for many months was purgatory. I refused an op' and had months of physio’ through whom I met Anna!

I was extremely nervous at first of exacerbating my health issues and also of being bored in a class of “Pilates”.  However, I was to be proved wrong.  Anna, is an amazing instructor and made me feel relaxed and confident "getting back on the horse” so to speak.  I soon moved on from the initial gentler movements and  now find my self challenged in every single class.  I would never have believed that Pilates (if done correctly ) could be like this.  My core strength is better than its ever been.  I can work long hours again, queue long hours for gigs and am back doing other sports.  I find myself engaging my core in every day life situations which protects my back and makes me look thinner, taller, (I hope) with better posture.
So if you’ve never done, try it, but do it with Anna, as her explanation and instruction is fantastic and her knowledge of the body is amazing.  I have found muscles I never knew existed and I come away from classes feeling GREAT !

Ali (Pilates)

I have been doing Pilates with Anna for 7 years now and love it! It's both fun and challenging although all the exercises can be adapted to manage various levels of ability. I enjoy the sequences Anna puts together - this makes it much more interesting than simply repeating the same individual exercise. And no 2 weeks are ever the same. My core strength and flexibility have definitely improved over the last couple of years. Thanks for your great classes Anna!

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