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Whether Pilates or Hiit (High Intensity Interval Training), seated or running, exercise should be an enjoyable part of life.  The philosopher Plato said “lack of activity destroys the good condition of every human being” and “we should not exercise the body without the joint assistance of the mind; nor exercise the mind without the joint assistance of the body.” 


So, we SHOULD exercise because it’s good for the body AND the mind, but do we WANT to???  Too many people see their exercise as a punishment, or a ‘have to,’ part of the days ‘to-do’ list.  If this is how you feel about your run, your Pilates session, your Pump session, then you’re not doing it right!  Whoever said that exercise wasn’t fun wasn’t doing it right either!  A good workout should be hard work, but it should be enjoyable, and it should be achievable.


Come to my sessions, and I PROMISE that you will leave feeling re-energised, rejuvenated, and, most importantly, with a HUGE feel-good factor.



High Intensity Interval Training – spiking your heart rate  up & down to get you into the maximum fat burning range – guaranteed to make you sweat and smile!  I provide Hiit training on a 1-1 and small group basis.


Fitness Pilates

The Pilates method is well known for its benefits in strength and flexibility training, and with non-impact movements through all of the joints it is excellent for rehabilitation, as a compliment to other sports, and of course also as a standalone workout.  Fitness Pilates incorporates some low impact, high intensity work, which will ensure an all over workout for both the body and the mind.  Working through a variety of sequences and movement patterns that promote strength, joint mobility and flexibility, Pilates will keep you supple and strong.  Pilates is fantastic for brain health too; with focused work to challenge the brain as well as the body, along with relaxation and relaxed breathing techniques, all forms of Pilates can act as a 'little oasis of calm' in our busy and hectic lives.

'HALO' Fitness Pilates

With its foundation solidly based in the Pilates method, this class is dynamic and full of energy!  Working at a faster pace than my usual Fitness Pilates sessions, I have named this class 'HALO;' because you will feel saintly (and well worked!) for doing it!!!  In 'HALO' I have developed an all-over body workout using resistance rings; strengthening, conditioning, improving muscle tone & flexibility, AND increasing your heart rate.  Interested?  Contact me to book in...


Seated Fitness Pilates

These sessions offer all of the brilliant benefits of Pilates, but without the pressure of changing body positions or needing to get up and down from the floor, or any requirement to weight bear through the legs.  Seated Pilates sessions are hard to find, so come along and experience the benefits soon!

Stretch it Out

A perfectly balanced session developing joint mobility and stability through a  variety of stretches and stretching methods; your body will thank you for doing it!


Seated Exercise Sessions

A lovely fusion of aerobic and Pilates based exercises, usually with those who may be less able to work in a standing position.  Don’t be fooled; these sessions are lively!

Personal Training

Imagine a workout tailor made to suit YOUR fitness level, YOUR needs, YOUR goals.  Personal training offers just that - I take the time to get to know you, listen to what YOU want, and take the steps that YOU need for a healthier lifestyle.  YOU own YOUR achievements, and trust me, it's an amazing feeling!

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